NA49 Image Library

This image library is a directory tree presenting thumbnails of the enclosed graphics. To see the thumbnails you need a browser which supports the "table" feature. You have the wrong browser if you can not see these thumbnail icons and images:
Parent Directory
10 files
362K 1500x1125

The tables of images always contain five columns. If you see fewer columns make the window of your browser wider. Click on the thumbnail image to see the full image. If the title is underlined, click on it to see the documentation.

To print most of these images you will need a continuous-tone color printer. For gif files, Macintosh Netscape uses an internal viewer so you can just choose the printer and hit the print button. Unix Netscape uses the external viewer called xv. Press the right-hand mouse button to bring up the xv control panel, hit the print button, and compose your print command.

To contribute to this library put your graphics in your /public or /group directories if you are on AFS, or in an anonymous ftp directory if you are not. Then send me e-mail saying where they are, where they should go logically in the Image Library directory tree, and some short documentation for the images.

Software created by Jef Poskanzer.
Library maintained by Art Poskanzer