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Replacement for stagein



   FILE       C 'NAME OF FILE' D=' '
   LUNU       C 'Logical unit (nn/FTnnFlll/IOFILEnn etc.)' D='0'
   CHOPT      C 'Options' D=' '

   Use the FIND command to FIND the specified file and associate 
   it with the specified logical unit. If required, the file is 
   first staged to disk.  

   SYNTAX: FIND generic-name logical-unit 

FM> find //CERN/NA49/RAW/R94A/0234/01 1 -n
Apr 25 19:17:07 tpread[14298]: selecting tape server ...
Apr 25 19:17:07 tpread[14298]: * shd17 is a possible tape server.
Apr 25 19:17:07 tpread[14298]: ! selected tape server is shd17.

Predrag Buncic
Tue Dec 5 11:41:58 MET 1995