SHIFT passwords

SHIFT passwords

You cannot login to shift37 to shift45 with your standard (AFS) password

because HP-UX 10.01 does not yet support AFS. The SHIFT machines are not genuine
AFS clients: they are importing AFS through NFS from shift20.
So the passwd which matters is not the AFS passwd, it is the
CORE passwd. It is best to set the CORE passwd to the same
value as your AFS passwd.

To change the CORE passwd, connect to a shiftXX machine:
type yppasswd
modify passwd

To change your AFS passwd:
connect to a GENUINE AFS client (ionXX, hpna49-X, or any other)
type kpasswd
modify passwd.

If your AFS passwd is changed, please do not omit to:
type crypttok
emter passwd twice.
This will make your AFS password known to non-AFS machines and NQSconnect on a
shift machine. This latter procedure is to be done if you ever intend to use
NQS to submit batch jobs on NA49/SHIFT.

Also, you can do the following:
o) telnet shift20 (and login with your usual AFS password)
o) [shift20] ~ > cd ~$USER
(this will bring you to your CORE home directory)
o) edit .rhosts
Put into .rhosts file something like this
o) chmod 644 .rhosts
Now you should be able to do rlogin from any of the hosts listed above to
shiftxx machines...

To authorise yourself for writing to AFS on subsequent sessions
you should type gettoken after
logging in or edit your ~/.cshrc file on shiftxx (not ionxx or
hpna49-x) and put there the following lines:
if ( -x /usr/local/bin/gettoken ) then

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