NA49 getting started

NA49 getting started

You get into the NA49 database by sending e-mail to Janet stating your full name, sponsoring institution, institution at which you reside, office phone number, e-mail address, and whether you are a physicist, student, engineer, technician, programer, or secretary. The Council member at each institution is actually responsible for informing us when changes are needed in this database.

E-mail lists
At present NA49 has got two active mailing lists, "na49-all" and "na49-council". Normally, users are subscribed to appropriate lists without their intervention; should this happen to fail somehow, follow the instructions from this document and you'll be able to start using the list(s) as soon as you've been approved.

CERN computer account
To get an account on the ION workstation servers use the registration form for new NA49 users.

CERN Electronic Mail Directory
To enter or change your data in the CERN database, consult this page. If you have any other questions or problems, please contact

Terminals, portables and workstations
When installing, removing or moving a network-connected device, use the registration form.

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