NA49 Tapes

How to stagein/stageout tape files

On any of NA49 computers integrated in SHIFT environment (na49bxx,na49ixx) use stagein command like in the following example:
      % stagein -V <VID> -FF -L 32768 -s 800 file.ds 
This command will stage tape <VID> on disk in our 'na49_dst' area on SHIFT and create link file.raw in current directory. If tape has been already staged by someone else, stagein command will just create symbolic link.

NOTE - if you do not specify -s 800 option (800 Mb size), there will be only default 200 Mb restored (or less, if one wish so).

If you want to write data to tape in SHIFT allocated on your name you must first obtain enough disk space to produce output file. To do that one must use stageout command

      % stageout -V <VID> -FF -L 32768 -s 800 file.ds
This will allocate 800 Mb disk space and return a link file.ds to which you can write your output file. One you are finished do not forget to do
      % stageput file.ds
      % stageclr -V <VID> 
This will finally write your data to tape and release allocated disk space. Please, do not allocate more disk space (-s option) then you really need.

Stage catalog

To obtain current list of staged files use stageqry command:

Removing staged files

To delete file previously staged using stagein command and release disk space allocated in SHIFT pool, use stageclr command:

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