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Object Resources

Definitions of all objects known to DSPACK are stored in the permanent region of DSPACK's memory. The definitions cannot be changed although new objects may be defined at any time.

There are many situations when it necessary to store some additional information about the object and associate it with object's definition. (For instance we may have to keep additional information for objects which originate in a different data handling system, some object classes may require extra information...)

DSPACK provides tha user with ability of adding arbitrary data to object definition. Each object has a link to a link-list of resources. Each resource is a block of user defined data (although DSPACK also uses this mechanism internally). Resources are handled by the I/O system automatically. Each resource is identified by a 4 character tag (type). DSPACK uses upper case tags for it's own resources, it is recommended that the users use lower case to avoid conflicts. Each resource type may appear more than once in the resource list and the mechanism is provided to extract all resources of given type attached to given object.

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