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Getting resource data

pnt = ids_get_res(name,ivdsn,resid,ncnt,nwords,ierr)

Character - Object name
Integer - Object handle (if 0, correct handle is returned)
Character - Resource tag - 4 characters. More than one tag may be specified, separated by commas - it is interpretted as an OR
Integer - resource counter. It allows the user to loop in order to get all resources of given type (or a list of types) - the counter should be set to 0 before the first call and then not modified in the subsequent calls. If no more resources of selected type are available the NULL pointer is returned.
Integer - resource length in words.
Returned error flag - should be 0

ids_get_res returns the pointer to a resource of given type. The call may be repeated in order to get all resources of given type.

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