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ds db

ds db

DSPACK interactive debugger. The program connects to the server and starts an interactive session, allowing the user to examine DSPACK objects. Following commands are currently available:

name Shows object definition *name Shows object contents. The name may contain indexes or ranges of indexes. Examples

*name - shows all entries of object {\bf name}
*name(15) - shows entry 15 of object {\bf name}
*name(1:5) - shows entries 1 to 5 of object {\bf name}
*name.item - shows element {\bf item} of object {\bf name} - all entries
*name(3:5).item - shows element {\bf item} of object {\bf name} - entries 3 to 5.
errors|noerrors Turn on and off error messages. pointers|indexes Instructs dsdb to show pointers or indexes in subsequent commands. drivers Show the list of installed CLASS drivers. msgmessage [object-name] Sends a message to an object. If object name is absent - broadcasts the message to all installed drivers. readfile-name Reads an object description file. echo Toggles echo flag for subsequent read commands - if echo is on the file is displayed while reading. f|c|none[-D] Control display of object definitions.
Show FOTRAN structures
Show C structures
Show only DSPACK description
Together with f or c - do not show DSPACK descriptions.
printenv Show values of local environment variables. Only variables set via .dspackrc file or command line arguments are shown. ? Display a short list of available commands.

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