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A large software package as that needed to process data from a large HEP experiment requires a data handling system. As different parts of the package will be written by different people, in different languages - the data handling system must supply a 'glue' which will help to keep the package together. The system must be fast as the volume of data is expected to be very large.

The data handling package must not limit access from any language and must be flexible enough to allow future modifications in ways that we cannot even see right now.

A common temptation when writing a package like this is to try to solve all possible problems at once. DSPACK follows a different philosophy. It applies solutions which should provide optimum performance for the HEP applications and provides 'hooks' which should be general enough to satisfy other needs.

DSPACK has been written with UNIX operating system in mind. However - with some modifications it should run on come other systems.

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