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Environment for running DSPACK tools

Like all DSPACK programs - the tools can read environment variables. In Client/Server operation following variables are important:

This is a location of fifo files which are used for the Server - Client communication. This location depends on installation.
The name of the server. Each installation contains a list of servers. The system is protected from running two servers with the same name.
This is only used by the DSPACK server (or by programs running in local mode. It is the size of section 2 of DSPACK - to contain constants (in words). At present this section cannot be re-sized, so this variable should be set to appropriate value to fit all constants.
Alternative location of .dspackrc file - or 'NONE'

Example of DSPACK environment variables

setenv DSPACK_FILES /usr/spool/sockets/dspack
setenv DSPACK_SERVER server-rz
setenv DSPACK_SECTION2 500000


This command starts DSPACK server. It should run in the background.

ds kill

Stops the server. If the communication with the server is broken the program hangs. CNTRL C typed from the terminal will make the program delete the lock file of the server and exit. dsserver should then be killed by unix kill command.

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