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int ds_examine(text) char *text;

Interactive examination of data. If text is blank the routine enters interactive mode (on standard input and output) to allow the user to interogate the contents of memory - type '?' to see the possible commands. If text is non-blank it is treated as if it was typed from the keyboard, it is executed and the routine returns.

To exit from interactive mode type

  1  I'     intg r           4 bytes
  2  R '    real             4 bytes

  3  L '    logcal           4 bytes
  4  D '    doub e precsion  8 bytes
  5  B '    bitstrng         4 bytes
  6  C *n'  #xed character   n bytes(m od(n,4)=0)

  7  C '    character        dyna mic
  8         m xed            de#niton dep endent
  9  S '    strucu e         de#niton dep endent
(usually CNTR D).

- command text. If blank, interactive mode is entered.

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