The T49DST and T49ANA libraries are part of the local-branch of the NA49-library and can be used on the NA49-Linux-PCs (na49i01-10).

To do so, you should add the following to your .rootrc:

       # Path used by dynamic loader to find shared libraries
       *.Root.DynamicPath:    .:$ROOTSYS/lib:$NA49/local/lib

Make sure the that the NA49-environmentals are all set:

       setenv NA49_LEVEL new
       source $NA49/etc/na49_env.csh

And define the T49-environment:

       source $NA49/local/T49/macro/T49_env.csh

If you want to install the libraries on your own machines away from CERN, please follow this procedure:

  • Make sure that ROOT is installed properly on your machine
  • Create a top-directory (e.g. T49) on your machine
  • Add the following lines to your .(t)cshrc:
           setenv NA49_ARCH   Linux
           setenv T49DST     <your topdirectory>/T49DST
           setenv T49DST_LIB "$T49DST/lib"
           setenv T49ANA     <your topdirectory>/T49ANA
           setenv T49ANA_LIB "$T49ANA/lib"
           setenv NEW_PATH        "$T49DST_LIB":"$T49ANA_LIB"
  • In the T49/dist-directory of the NA49-library (local-branch) you can find the file T49.tar.gz. (Or simply download it here.)
    Copy this file to your top-directory and unpack it with the command
           tar -xvzf T49.tar.gz
    This will create the directory tree and write out the source- and header-files.
  • Create the following underdirectories:
           <your topdirectory>/bin
           <your topdirectory>/T49DST/lib
           <your topdirectory>/T49ANA/lib
  • Create the libraries by executing
           make nods <your topdirectory>/bin
           make nods <your topdirectory>/T49DST/lib                 
           make nods <your topdirectory>/T49ANA/lib
    If everything went fine, you should find in T49DST/lib and in T49ANA/lib as well as root49 (without TRootDS).
    Note, that creating the root49-executable is only possible when you have installed DSPACK properly on your machine.
  • Add the following to your .rootrc:
           # Path used by dynamic loader to find shared libraries
           *.Root.DynamicPath:    .:$ROOTSYS/lib:$T49DST_LIB:$T49ANA_LIB
  • If you are using mini-DST copies somewhere else than at CERN, you have to define ROOT49 accordingly:
           setenv ROOT49     <your directory containing .root49dsts>

    CERN © 2002 - European Laboratory for Particle Physics - NA49 - Christoph Blume