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Example corrections

Here a few example plots are shown for the efficiency and decay correction. The efficiency correction has a rather sharp rise at the edge of the acceptance and is very close to 1 for most bins. The decay correction has a slower evolution. Figure 5 gives an impression of the overall behaviour of the correction with $p$, \ensuremath {p_T}. Figure 6 shows a few projections of the dcay correction histogram in slices of total momentum $p$.

Figure 5: Example of tracking efficiency for non-decaying tracks (top row) and the additional losses due to decays (bottom row) as a function of total momentum $p$ and \ensuremath {p_T}. The left panles show distributions for 20 \ensuremath {A\mathrm {GeV}} beams and the right panels for 158 \ensuremath {A\mathrm {GeV}} beams.

Figure 6: Example of losses due to decays as a function of \ensuremath {p_T} for various selections in total momentum. The panels show results for 20, 30, 40 and 158 \ensuremath {A\mathrm {GeV}}. Statistical errors are omitted for clarity.

Marco van Leeuwen 2009-01-14