#include "T49HbtMomentumResolutionCalculation.h"


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class T49HbtMomentumResolutionProvider : public TObject

Inheritance Chart:

T49HbtMomentumResolutionProvider(Char_t* Name) T49HbtMomentumResolutionProvider(const T49HbtMomentumResolutionProvider&) ~T49HbtMomentumResolutionProvider() static TClass* Class() Int_t GetKtYIndex(Double_t lKtPair, Double_t lYPair) void GetMeanAndRMS(Double_t ktPair, Double_t YPair, Double_t qout, Double_t qside, Double_t qlong, Double_t& MeanQout, Double_t& MeanQside, Double_t& MeanQlong, Double_t& RMSQout, Double_t& RMSQside, Double_t& RMSQlong) virtual TClass* IsA() const T49HbtMomentumResolutionProvider& operator=(const T49HbtMomentumResolutionProvider&) virtual void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent) virtual void Streamer(TBuffer& b) void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)

Data Members

TFile* mResultFile Pointer to result file written out by T49HbtMomentumResolutionCalculator class TObjArray* mResolution TObjArray holding RMS and Mean TH3D's for each side-out-long bin TH3D* mMaster3d Master 3d Histo to locate side-out-long bin Double_t* mKtBins Double_t* mYBins Int_t mNKtBins Int_t mNYBins Int_t mMaxKtY

Class Description

 The T49HbtMomentumResolutionCalculator class is intended to produce for each qSide,qLong,qOut bin in each kt-Y bin
 the momentum resolution in qSide,qOut,qLong and a possible shift in qSide,qOut,qLong. To obtain these values 3 vectors
 for each cell are filled holding the difference between a Monte Carlo pair (MC) and the reconstructed pair (RC)
 in qSide, qOut and qLong. A gaus fit to each vector gives the RMS (=resolution) and the shift, which will is needed
 by the smear procedure in T49HbtMomentumResolutionCorrection.

 The constructor wants to know the dimension of the qside,qout,qlong 3d object and the kt-Y binning.
 The mixing macro calls the Use function, enertering lists of MC and the according RC tracks.
 The result can be stored in a file which will be accessed by T49HbtMomentumResolutionCorrection
 via T49HbtMomentumResolutionProvider

 Structure of T49HbtMomentumResolutionCalculator:

             each kt-Y cell -> ListofDisplacedMomenta[#qside * #qout * #qlong] holding TVector3s of MomDiffs
                            -> TH3D* ResolutionMeanQside (out,long)  results
                            -> TH3D* ResolutionRMSQside  (out,long)  results

T49HbtMomentumResolutionProvider(Char_t* Name)
 Open result file

Int_t GetKtYIndex(Double_t lKtPair, Double_t lYPair)

void GetMeanAndRMS(Double_t ktPair, Double_t YPair, Double_t qside, Double_t qout, Double_t qlong, Double_t& MeanQside, Double_t& MeanQout, Double_t& MeanQlong, Double_t& RMSQside , Double_t& RMSQout , Double_t& RMSQlong )
 Get index of this qout-qside-qlong bin

Inline Functions

                                     void ~T49HbtMomentumResolutionProvider()
                                  TClass* Class()
                                  TClass* IsA() const
                                     void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
                                     void Streamer(TBuffer& b)
                                     void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
         T49HbtMomentumResolutionProvider T49HbtMomentumResolutionProvider(const T49HbtMomentumResolutionProvider&)
        T49HbtMomentumResolutionProvider& operator=(const T49HbtMomentumResolutionProvider&)

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