#include "T49MultiMixer.h"


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class T49MultiMixer : public TObject

Inheritance Chart:

T49MultiMixer() T49MultiMixer(Int_t multi_min, Int_t multi_max, Int_t multi_interval, Int_t Events, Int_t character) T49MultiMixer(const T49MultiMixer&) ~T49MultiMixer() void AddEvent(T49EventRoot* Event, TObjArray* P1list, TObjArray* P2list) static TClass* Class() void GetEvents(T49Proj2BASE* MultiSignal, T49Proj2BASE* MultiMixed) virtual TClass* IsA() const Int_t MultiEvetoBins(T49EventRoot* Event, Int_t type) T49MultiMixer& operator=(const T49MultiMixer&) void Reset() virtual void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent) virtual void Streamer(TBuffer& b) void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b) void WriteEvents(TFile* OutFile, T49Proj2BASE* MultiSignal, T49Proj2BASE* MultiMixed)

Data Members

Bool_t fVerbose Output control flag Int_t fType Type of bin selection Float_t fPimass Phyical constants: pion mass Float_t fKmass Phyical constants: kaon mass Float_t fPrmass Phyical constants: proton mass Int_t fNMixed Definition for mixing procedures Bool_t fFirstMix Definition for mixing procedures Int_t fRanges Range definition for custom variable Int_t fMulti_min Range definition for custom variable Int_t fMulti_max Range definition for custom variable Int_t fMulti_interval Range definition for custom variable Int_t fEvents Number of events to be processed Int_t fEvent_counter Number of processed events T49Mixing** fEventMixer Define the event-mixer with 10 events in the pool TObjArray* fMultiPosParticleList TObjArray* fMultiNegParticleList TObjArray* fMultiMixedPosParticleList TObjArray* fMultiMixedNegParticleList

Class Description

  T49MultiMixer class                                                            
  Author: Marcin Slodkowski                                                      


T49MultiMixer(Int_t Multi_min, Int_t Multi_max, Int_t Multi_interval, Int_t Events, Int_t character)
  use this constructor to initialize the multimixer
   multi_min    minimal value custom varable;
   multi_max    maximum value custom varable;
   multi_interval multi intervals;

void Reset()

Int_t MultiEvetoBins(T49EventRoot *Event, Int_t type)

void AddEvent(T49EventRoot *Event, TObjArray *P1list, TObjArray *P2list)

void GetEvents(T49Proj2BASE *MultiSignal,T49Proj2BASE *MultiMixed)
Int_t multi;
Int_t i,j;
Int_t nevent;

void WriteEvents(TFile *OutFile,T49Proj2BASE *MultiSignal,T49Proj2BASE *MultiMixed)
Int_t multi;
Int_t i;

Inline Functions

                  void ~T49MultiMixer()
               TClass* Class()
               TClass* IsA() const
                  void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
                  void Streamer(TBuffer& b)
                  void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
         T49MultiMixer T49MultiMixer(const T49MultiMixer&)
        T49MultiMixer& operator=(const T49MultiMixer&)

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