#include "T49EventRoot.h"


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class T49EventRoot : public T49Event

Inheritance Chart:

T49EventRoot() T49EventRoot(Int_t AllocObjects) T49EventRoot(const T49EventRoot&) virtual ~T49EventRoot() static TClass* Class() virtual void ClearParticleLists() virtual T49Beam* GetBeam() T49Vertex* GetBPDVertex() virtual Int_t GetDate() virtual Float_t GetEveto() T49Vertex* GetFittedVertex() virtual Int_t GetMCFlag() virtual Float_t GetMomentum() virtual T49MonitorTPC* GetMonitorTPC(Int_t kTpcId) virtual Int_t GetNEvent() virtual Int_t GetNParticles(Int_t kSelection = 0) virtual Int_t GetNRun() virtual TClonesArray* GetPrimaryParticles() virtual T49Vertex* GetPrimaryVertex() virtual Float_t GetProjMass() virtual T49Ring* GetRing() virtual TClonesArray* GetSecondaryParticles() virtual TObjArray* GetSecondaryVertices() virtual Float_t GetTargetMass() virtual Int_t GetTime() virtual Int_t GetTriggerMask() Float_t GetVertexX() Float_t GetVertexY() Float_t GetVertexZ() virtual TObjArray* GetVertices() virtual T49Veto* GetVeto() Int_t GetWfaBeamTime() Int_t GetWfaInterTime() Int_t GetWfaNbeam() Int_t GetWfaNinter() virtual TClass* IsA() const T49EventRoot& operator=(const T49EventRoot&) virtual Bool_t ReCreateArrays() void ResetPrimaryParticles() void ResetSecondaryParticles() virtual void SetDate(Int_t i) virtual void SetEveto(Float_t x) virtual void SetMCFlag(Int_t i) virtual void SetMomentum(Float_t x) virtual void SetNEvent(Int_t i) virtual void SetNRun(Int_t i) void SetPrimaryParticleList(TClonesArray* list) virtual void SetProjMass(Float_t x) void SetSecondaryParticleList(TClonesArray* list) virtual void SetTargetMass(Float_t x) virtual void SetTime(Int_t i) virtual void SetTriggerMask(Int_t i) void SetVertexX(Float_t x) void SetVertexY(Float_t x) void SetVertexZ(Float_t x) void SetWfaBeamTime(Int_t i) void SetWfaInterTime(Int_t i) void SetWfaNbeam(Int_t i) void SetWfaNinter(Int_t i) virtual void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent) virtual void Streamer(TBuffer& b) void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)

Data Members

Int_t fNRun Run Number Int_t fNEvent Event Number Int_t fTriggerMask Trigger Mask Int_t fMCFlag Monte Carlo Flag Int_t fDate Event date Int_t fTime Event time Float_t fMomentum Beam Momentum Float_t fProjMass Projectile Mass Float_t fTargetMass Target Mass Float_t fEveto Veto Energy Float_t fVertexX Reconstructed main vertex X-Position Float_t fVertexY Reconstructed main vertex Y-Position Float_t fVertexZ Reconstructed main vertex Z-Position T49BeamRoot* fBeam Beam counter information T49RingRoot* fRing Ring calorimeter information T49MonitorTPCRoot* fMonitorVT1 VT1 Monitor Information T49MonitorTPCRoot* fMonitorVT2 VT2 Monitor Information T49MonitorTPCRoot* fMonitorMTR MTR Monitor Information T49MonitorTPCRoot* fMonitorMTL MTL Monitor Information TClonesArray* fPrimaryParticles List of particles connected to primary vertex TClonesArray* fSecondaryParticles List of particles connected to secondary vertices TObjArray* fVertexList List of vertices TObjArray* fSecVertexList List of secondary vertices Int_t fWfaNbeam Number of beam particles from WFA channel 1 Int_t fWfaNinter Number of interactions from WFA channel 2 Int_t fWfaBeamTime WFA time in nsec Int_t fWfaInterTime WFA time in nsec static TClonesArray* fgStaticPrimaryParticles static TClonesArray* fgStaticSecondaryParticles T49VetoRoot* fVeto Veto calorimeter information

Class Description

  Contains the event information and gives access to the rest of
  the data.

 T49EventRoot constructor

T49EventRoot(Int_t AllocObjects)
 T49EventRoot constructor

 T49EventRoot destructor

Int_t GetNParticles(Int_t kSelection)
 Returns the number of particles.
    kSelection = 0  -- primary particles
    kSelection = 1  -- seconary particles

T49MonitorTPC* GetMonitorTPC(Int_t ID)
 Get the monitor information for one TPC.
    ID =  2 -- VT1
    ID =  4 -- VT2
    ID =  8 -- MTR
    ID = 16 -- MTL

void ClearParticleLists()
 Does a Clear() on the particle list and a Delete() on
 the vertex list.

Bool_t ReCreateArrays()
 Creates new particle lists.

Float_t GetEveto()
 Returns the veto energy.
 For the 40GeV min. bias data the recalibrated eveto from T49VetoRoot is

void Streamer(TBuffer &R__b)
 Stream an object of class T49EventRoot.

Inline Functions

           T49Vertex* GetPrimaryVertex()
           T49Vertex* GetFittedVertex()
           T49Vertex* GetBPDVertex()
        TClonesArray* GetPrimaryParticles()
        TClonesArray* GetSecondaryParticles()
           TObjArray* GetVertices()
           TObjArray* GetSecondaryVertices()
                 void SetNRun(Int_t i)
                 void SetNEvent(Int_t i)
                 void SetTriggerMask(Int_t i)
                 void SetDate(Int_t i)
                 void SetTime(Int_t i)
                 void SetMCFlag(Int_t i)
                 void SetMomentum(Float_t x)
                 void SetProjMass(Float_t x)
                 void SetTargetMass(Float_t x)
                 void SetEveto(Float_t x)
                 void SetVertexX(Float_t x)
                 void SetVertexY(Float_t x)
                 void SetVertexZ(Float_t x)
                 void SetWfaNbeam(Int_t i)
                 void SetWfaNinter(Int_t i)
                 void SetWfaBeamTime(Int_t i)
                 void SetWfaInterTime(Int_t i)
                 void SetPrimaryParticleList(TClonesArray* list)
                 void SetSecondaryParticleList(TClonesArray* list)
                 void ResetPrimaryParticles()
                 void ResetSecondaryParticles()
                Int_t GetNRun()
                Int_t GetNEvent()
                Int_t GetTriggerMask()
                Int_t GetDate()
                Int_t GetTime()
                Int_t GetMCFlag()
              Float_t GetMomentum()
              Float_t GetProjMass()
              Float_t GetTargetMass()
              Float_t GetVertexX()
              Float_t GetVertexY()
              Float_t GetVertexZ()
                Int_t GetWfaNbeam()
                Int_t GetWfaNinter()
                Int_t GetWfaBeamTime()
                Int_t GetWfaInterTime()
             T49Beam* GetBeam()
             T49Ring* GetRing()
             T49Veto* GetVeto()
              TClass* Class()
              TClass* IsA() const
                 void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
                 void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
         T49EventRoot T49EventRoot(const T49EventRoot&)
        T49EventRoot& operator=(const T49EventRoot&)

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