#include "T49BeamRoot.h"


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class T49BeamRoot : public T49Beam

Inheritance Chart:

T49BeamRoot() T49BeamRoot(const T49BeamRoot&) virtual ~T49BeamRoot() static TClass* Class() virtual Int_t GetAdcS1() virtual Int_t GetAdcS2() virtual Int_t GetAdcS3() virtual Int_t GetBgated() virtual Int_t GetBi() virtual Int_t GetBs4() virtual Int_t GetBung() virtual Int_t GetEmpty(Int_t i) virtual Int_t GetPatUnit1() virtual Int_t GetPatUnit2() virtual Int_t GetPatUnitEmpty() virtual Int_t GetS1() virtual Int_t GetS2() virtual Int_t GetS4() virtual Int_t GetScl() virtual Int_t GetTdcMtpcl() virtual Int_t GetTdcMtpcr() virtual Int_t GetTdcVtpc1() virtual Int_t GetTdcVtpc2() virtual Int_t GetTrigger() virtual Int_t GetV0() virtual TClass* IsA() const T49BeamRoot& operator=(const T49BeamRoot&) virtual void SetAdcS1(Int_t i) virtual void SetAdcS2(Int_t i) virtual void SetAdcS3(Int_t i) virtual void SetBgated(Int_t i) virtual void SetBi(Int_t i) virtual void SetBs4(Int_t i) virtual void SetBung(Int_t i) virtual void SetEmpty(Int_t i, Int_t empty) virtual void SetPatUnit1(Int_t i) virtual void SetPatUnit2(Int_t i) virtual void SetPatUnitEmpty(Int_t i) virtual void SetS1(Int_t i) virtual void SetS2(Int_t i) virtual void SetS4(Int_t i) virtual void SetScl(Int_t i) virtual void SetTdcMtpcl(Int_t i) virtual void SetTdcMtpcr(Int_t i) virtual void SetTdcVtpc1(Int_t i) virtual void SetTdcVtpc2(Int_t i) virtual void SetTrigger(Int_t i) virtual void SetV0(Int_t i) virtual void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent) virtual void Streamer(TBuffer& b) void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)

Data Members

Int_t fS1 Scalers - Station 1 Int_t fS2 Int_t fV0 Int_t fS4 Int_t fScl Int_t fBs4 Int_t fBung Station 2 Int_t fBgated Int_t fBi Int_t fTrigger Int_t fEmpty[14] 2 words of station 2, station 3 and 4 Int_t fAdcS1 ADC-Data Station 7 Int_t fAdcS2 Int_t fAdcS3 Int_t fAdcEmpty[45] 9 wds of stat. 7, stat. 8,9, and 10 Int_t fTdcVtpc1 TDC-Data Station 11 Int_t fTdcVtpc2 Int_t fTdcMtpcl Int_t fTdcMtpcr Int_t fTdcEmpty[20] 4 wds of stat. 11, stat. 12, and 13 Int_t fPatUnit1 Pattern-Unit Station 14 Int_t fPatUnit2 Station 15 Int_t fPatUnitEmpty Station 16

Class Description

  Contains the beam information

 Default constructor

void Streamer(TBuffer &R__b)
 Stream an object of class T49BeamRoot.

Inline Functions

                void ~T49BeamRoot()
                void SetS1(Int_t i)
                void SetS2(Int_t i)
                void SetV0(Int_t i)
                void SetS4(Int_t i)
                void SetScl(Int_t i)
                void SetBs4(Int_t i)
                void SetBung(Int_t i)
                void SetBgated(Int_t i)
                void SetBi(Int_t i)
                void SetTrigger(Int_t i)
                void SetAdcS1(Int_t i)
                void SetAdcS2(Int_t i)
                void SetAdcS3(Int_t i)
                void SetTdcVtpc1(Int_t i)
                void SetTdcVtpc2(Int_t i)
                void SetTdcMtpcl(Int_t i)
                void SetTdcMtpcr(Int_t i)
                void SetPatUnit1(Int_t i)
                void SetPatUnit2(Int_t i)
                void SetPatUnitEmpty(Int_t i)
                void SetEmpty(Int_t i, Int_t empty)
               Int_t GetS1()
               Int_t GetS2()
               Int_t GetV0()
               Int_t GetS4()
               Int_t GetScl()
               Int_t GetBs4()
               Int_t GetBung()
               Int_t GetBgated()
               Int_t GetBi()
               Int_t GetTrigger()
               Int_t GetAdcS1()
               Int_t GetAdcS2()
               Int_t GetAdcS3()
               Int_t GetTdcVtpc1()
               Int_t GetTdcVtpc2()
               Int_t GetTdcMtpcl()
               Int_t GetTdcMtpcr()
               Int_t GetPatUnit1()
               Int_t GetPatUnit2()
               Int_t GetPatUnitEmpty()
               Int_t GetEmpty(Int_t i)
             TClass* Class()
             TClass* IsA() const
                void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
                void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
         T49BeamRoot T49BeamRoot(const T49BeamRoot&)
        T49BeamRoot& operator=(const T49BeamRoot&)

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