#include "TRootDSMC.h"


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class TRootDSMC : public TRootDS

Inheritance Chart:

TRootDSMC() TRootDSMC(const TRootDSMC&) virtual ~TRootDSMC() static TClass* Class() virtual TTree* CreateTree() virtual Bool_t DS2Tree(char* InName, char* OutName, Int_t MaxEvents = 100000000) virtual Bool_t FillEvent() virtual Bool_t FillMCEvent() virtual Bool_t FillMCTrack(T49ParticleMCRoot* track_out, track_mc_t* track_in) virtual T49EventMCRoot* GetEventMC() virtual TClass* IsA() const TRootDSMC& operator=(const TRootDSMC&) virtual Bool_t ReadEventT49() virtual void SetFillMCOnly(Bool_t n) virtual void SetFillMCTracks(Bool_t n) virtual void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent) virtual void Streamer(TBuffer& b) void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)

Data Members

Int_t fNumMCTracks Number of MC tracks in one event Int_t fNumMCVertices Number of MC V0s in one event Bool_t fFillMCTracks Steers the copying of the MC data Bool_t fFillMCOnly Copy only MC data if true T49EventMCRoot* fEventMC !

Class Description

  The TRootDSMC class is an extension of the RootDS class
  that additionally allows to copy MC data into the
  mini-DSTs. For embedded data also the matching between
  MC tracks and reconstructed tracks is stored.

 TRootDSMC standard constructor

  TRootDSMC destructor

Bool_t ReadEventT49()
  Read the next event from the DSPACK input file
  and copies it directly into the T49 data structure.
  This allows to use the T49ANA classes on DSPACK data.
  Returns FALSE if end of input file is reached.

Bool_t DS2Tree(char *InFname, char *OutFname, Int_t MaxEvents)
  Copy the events from the input file 'InFname' (DSPACK)
  to the ROOT mini-DST 'OutFname'. Up to MaxEvents are
  copied. The ROOT T49EventMCRoot objects are written to the
  mini-DST in a ROOT TTree object, which allows access to
  the event data in an n-tuple like fashion

TTree* CreateTree()
  Create the TTree object for the DS2Tree member

Bool_t FillEvent()
  Copy event, track and point data into ROOT NA49
  objects for the current event.

  Updated for V0-tracks and vertices (CBL 10/02/99)

  Included the Monte Carlo data (CBL 02/06/99)

Bool_t FillMCEvent()
  Copies only the MC data for the current event.

Bool_t FillMCTrack(T49ParticleMCRoot *mcTrack, track_mc_t *track_mc_p)
 Copy data from a track_mc_t structure into a T49ParticleMCRoot object.

Inline Functions

                   void SetFillMCTracks(Bool_t n)
                   void SetFillMCOnly(Bool_t n)
        T49EventMCRoot* GetEventMC()
                TClass* Class()
                TClass* IsA() const
                   void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
                   void Streamer(TBuffer& b)
                   void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
              TRootDSMC TRootDSMC(const TRootDSMC&)
             TRootDSMC& operator=(const TRootDSMC&)

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